Growth Partner For Shopify Brands
With Big Growth Goals

Growth partner for Shopify brands with big growth goals.

Increase your revenue and profit with our proven strategies


Over 100 different Shopify stores have skyrocketed their sales 
because of our no-nonsense performance marketing tactics.

Patricia Fontaneda

Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Ibiza Passion

''Brandpeneur go above and beyond, I look forward to growing with them and taking our jewelry brand to the next level.''

''With Brandpeneur we’ve had record that we’d not seen before!''

Diania Di Maria

Owner of Towelback ©

Cheryl Mann

Owner of Bubbas Meltys

''Only just started working with the guys at Brandpeneur and I'm already seeing amazing results. Their communication is insane, I have nothing but great things to say about them and I'm excited for the future!!'

''With Joshua’s help we were immediately able to generate an additional $50k/month by running ads on Facebook and Instagram.''

Bastiaan Slot

CEO/Founder of

Paul Alex

CEO/Founder of ATMTogether

''Looking back this was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business.''

Furkan Simsir

Owner of Sir Studio / Channels Pro

Alex Emmerson

Creator of the 10k Diva Method

Amount Spent: £500
Revenue generated: £27,000
Return on adspend 5300%

'We've gone from $0 to back to back $100,000 months with our Facebook ads.''

Ryan Wegner

Founder/CEO of Predictable Clients

Lenny Banks

''This kind of service is not common in this industry! I cannot recommend this enough.''

Our Most Recent Results

Updated: January 8th 2024

Female Fashion Brand US

Female Boutique Fashion Store

Meal delivery service

Boutique Fashion Store

Male (Streetwear) Fashion Store

Unisex Urban Jewelery Store

UK based Streetwear Brand


You won’t find an agency that cares more about your business.

We treat it like it’s our own little baby – to give you the peace of mind that your marketing is taken care of.
The beautiful thing is, you can try us 100% risk-free!

How we're different.


  • No research:
    Using cookie cutter tactics and keeping their fingers crossed. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation:
    No audit or conversion rate optimisation conducted. 
  • Creatives:
    No creative direction or creative strategy.
  • ​Reporting:
    Vague reports that show vanity metrics i.e. clicks and CPM’s.
  • Communication:
    Endless meetings without direct action steps. 
  • ​Service:
    Outsourced or handed down to a junior media buyer.


  • Research:
    Full Customer Avatar Research
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation:
    Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit
  • Creatives:
    Full Creative Strategy and In-house creative team
  • ​Reporting:
    Performance Reporting show money spent and money made.
  • Communication:
    Weekly video updates showing you everything you want to see and know.
  • ​Service:
    Done in-house by a fully trained, vetted A-team

An agency that takes pride in doing a good job!

An agency that takes pride in doing a good job!

Many of us have grown weary of agencies that make grand promises and then leave us feeling in the dark.

At Brandpeneur, we firmly believe in providing not just exceptional service, but complete transparency as well. Our client case studies include some of the most prominent success stories in the eCommerce and Info-product industries, and we are proud to share them.

Whether our clients have seen a modest increase of $50,000 or an astounding £5 million, we believe in being fully forthcoming about their achievements. 

We have no hidden secrets - just impressive client growth and brand expansion.

What to do next?

Here's what the next steps look like.

First, we need to learn if your brand is a good fit and if we can actually hit your goals. Book in a 100% free intro-call with us.
We'll hold a 100% free 30 minute intro-call where we dive into the details of your brand, your goals and if we can help you achieve them.
We'll request access to your accounts and other assets to conduct a comprehensive audit.
We'll share our brutally honest feedback on what's wrong and what we'd do to turn things around.
We'll hop on a secondary call to discuss our findings, and if you're a good fit we'll discuss what the next steps look like.

56% Increase in 30 Days
$42.321,20 In Total Sales
Timeframe: December 2021 - January 2022

459% Increase in 12 Months
$83.611,84 In Total Sales

325% Increase year on year
$615.327,31 In sales through Facebook in 2022

Ready to take your brand to the next level?


If we don't IMPROVE your performance you don't pay!

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